Recipe: Pine nuts corn

Home Cooking Recipe: Pine nuts corn


At the big banquet, only you are a woman. After the host has ordered a big fish, don't forget to take care of the pine kernels. It is both a respect for the ladies and a manly style. A few years later, the people and things on the banquet have been blurred, and the pine nuts in the plate are still fresh in memory - it seems that delicious food can not only catch the man's stomach, but also touch the woman's heart.



  1. Fresh corn is cut with corn knives, carrots are diced, peas and pine nuts are used.

  2. After boiling the water in the pot, add a little oil and salt, put in the peas and cook for seven or eight minutes, remove the spare, add the corn granules for two or three minutes, remove the spare, and scallions.

  3. After the oil in the pot is hot, add the chopped green onion and fry the carrots, stir fry the carrots, and add the peas and corn to stir fry for two minutes.

  4. Season with salt and chicken, add the pine nuts and stir well.


1. The corn in the pine kernels is best to use fresh corn. The corn is sweet and can be replaced by canned corn. Never use dried corn. I saw that someone on the Internet used dried corn to make this dish, and it turned into popcorn, which was completely thundered. It seems that this issue needs to be mentioned; 2, the pine nuts I use are fried pine nuts themselves shelled, if you buy raw pine nuts, you need to cook with a small fire and stir-fry; 3, I added the color of peas and carrots, can not be added, see some people add ham, green and red pepper, personally think that affects the sweetness of corn.

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