Recipe: Pine nuts corn

Home Cooking Recipe: Pine nuts corn


Pine Nut Corn ~ is a very simple and fast-food vegetarian food ~ children will like it very much ~ corn itself contains high fiber and rich nutrition, very beneficial to the human body ~ this dish does not need too much seasoning, a little salt and sugar enough to show good Taste~



  1. Corn kernels are frozen corn kernels purchased from supermarkets. Take 250g and put them in the natural environment to make them ice. After the ice is removed, drain the excess water, spare ~ the soybeans are transferred to the transparent thin skin, then boiled in the boiling water ~ hot after cooking, to avoid discoloration~

  2. Pine nuts can be directly bought and cooked. If it is raw, it needs to be cooked in the oven with a low temperature of 120 degrees, so as to avoid the temperature being too high, causing the pine kernels to change color or use the pot to fry.

  3. Heat the wok, add salad oil, add corn kernels and sautéed with edamame. Add a little bit of water when frying the scent and water vapor, add salt and sugar to taste ~ then add the lid for a little cooking for 1 minute~ After opening the lid, pour a little bit of water starch to simmer, sprinkle with half of the pine nuts and stir well to serve. ~ After the plate is loaded, sprinkle the other half of the pine nuts.


Corn kernels must be fried and fragrant, and the lid is added to make the corn more mature. The frozen corn kernels are frozen after being cooked, so it is easy to fry the appropriate taste. If you choose fresh corn, it is best to cook it and then fry it, otherwise the raw corn is difficult to mature~

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