Recipe: Pill egg

Home Cooking Recipe: Pill egg


When the dish was done, Master Liu opened the lid and told me that you looked at what I had made. I looked up and saw the meatballs and fried eggs in the casserole. He said with a smirk. This is called "pill egg". I thought that the name was indecent at first, and the meaning was not good. But when I thought about it, it was not the two words that I could do. Because I opened the lid, I was really finished. All of a sudden, the thick meaty flavor accompanied by a touch of seafood, wandered around the house.



  1. Add the ginger, fish sauce, Huadiao wine, sesame oil, pepper to the meat stuffing and mix well. The size is random and fried into meatballs. I cook with the eggs, and the meatballs are similar to the eggs.

  2. The egg cold water pot, if it is taken out of the refrigerator, it will be cooked for a while, cooked cold water, peeled, and fried into golden spare.

  3. A little oil in the pot, stir-fried ginger, touch the flower carving wine, soy sauce, add the right amount of water, the amount of water is determined according to the amount of your raw materials, no raw materials can be used, according to your taste, the amount of salt, then join Appropriate amount of sugar to taste fresh. Boil the fried meatballs and eggs under the soup and pour them into a casserole.

  4. I also added two kinds of raw materials. One is to cut the pieces of Bailing Mushroom, and the flavor of the mushroom is stewed together. It also absorbs the meat and tastes delicious. The second is the good dried scallops. Cooking in the pot can increase the taste of seafood and have a flavor. Of course, these two kinds can not be added, or add bamboo shoots and what is delicious.

  5. You can turn off the fire after half an hour of stewing, eat the raw materials, stew the tofu with the excess soup, and cook the fans.

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