Recipe: Pigeon sea cucumber mushroom soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Pigeon sea cucumber mushroom soup


There have been two pigeons in the refrigerator for a long time, and there are sea cucumbers. When I was feeding, my mother-in-law gave me the body. The children are almost four years old now! The summer is too hot, and my husband is very busy recently. Just thinking about giving him a make up. So I turned these two things out. As the saying goes, a pigeon has nine chickens! Plus a variety of dried mushrooms given by the mother-in-law, a pot of delicious soup.



  1. Pigeons and sea cucumbers should be washed and the removed internal organs should be removed. All kinds of mushroom cold water bubble hair is ready for use.

  2. Burn a pot of hot water, add pigeons, simmer

  3. Add enough water, pigeons and sea cucumbers in a cold water pot, add onion, ginger, and the right amount of cooking wine.

  4. Cook for half an hour on low heat and cook for one hour on low heat.

  5. Add oysters, mushrooms, and cook for another half an hour.

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