Recipe: Pig red rice noodle

Home Cooking Recipe: Pig red rice noodle


A delicious meal that is very delicious~



  1. Open the rice noodles for a few minutes, then pinch a little soft, just open a little hard, just fine, pour the water.

  2. Wash the rice noodles with water, then soak in cold water, cook a new pot of water, boil and put the rice noodles in and boil again. Then remove the rice noodles and put them in the bowl for later use.

  3. Cut the sliced ​​pork loin, open a few knives, put salt and pinch, squeeze a few times, rinse and then control the dry, then put the rice wine and then pinch it a few times, rinse and dry.

  4. Cut the flesh into peanut oil and white pepper and add a little bit of salt and a little bit of sweet potato powder and mix well.

  5. The soup is boiled (with no broth, use boiling water and peanut oil). Put the tender tofu and let the salt boil again. Put the lean meat, and slice it, do not stir.

  6. Then put the waist, wait until the water is open, transfer salt white pepper and chopped green onion, pour into the powder.

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