Recipe: Pig lung soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Pig lung soup


This is something I "prepared" for 2 weeks to write, but I forgot to take pictures. Sometimes I think that something without a picture might be better, and I can exercise myself to write more seriously, and leave more room for imagination. However, after all, I can't escape the secular way. I don't feel perfect when I take a photo. So look for a good shot of the soup. Maybe everyone is familiar with the dried vegetables and pig lungs in Guangdong, but what I want to write today is the gut lung soup, which is said to be the first soup of Gusu. I don't like the dishes at the Suzhou North Gate Hotel, but I like the bowel soup. When I was preparing to move to Suzhou, Z Sheng took me to drink the bowel soup. The thick white soup, with the spicyness of white pepper, is a se in the cold winter. After the winter, I always wanted to drink pork belly chicken. It is because the supermarket's stomach is too small. Even a boy chicken can't be put in. The pork belly chicken in Chinatown is not enough authentic, so I really want to simmer my pig belly chicken. I went to the butcher's shop to pick up the meat two weeks ago, and said that I wanted the pork belly. People say that suppliers don't give them pork belly. I secretly think this is because I want to be sold to China? I asked again, can I fix the large intestine? He said only the casing. Ok, this is not necessary for me for the time being. He saw that I was a little lost, and said that we have liver and lungs. As soon as I heard the lungs, I let it go. I thought about it without thinking about it. The meat of my family is basically set in their store, so I know that they have fresh pigs someday, fresh beef someday, and fresh lambs someday. Every time, I will go to get meat before ten o'clock, so I can guarantee that I get fresher pork. Every time the meat is slaughtered in the early morning, it is delivered to the store in the morning. This week, when the meat is taken, it is full of things. After a busy day, even the children are not picked up. They must also go to the pig shop to close the pigs. lung. The little treasurer showed me a big bag. When I said the truth, I saw a bag of red things. I couldn’t see what it was. But at least it is bright red. Going home, the heart is half cold. Although the aorta is all there, the lungs are fresh and complete, but I don't know why I have cut a lot of small mouths. You must know that the lungs of the pig must have white lungs and white lungs. Without blood vessels, I really have no confidence to wash it white. The lungs of 2 pigs, four pages, and only one page at the end have a complete blood supply vascular system. So I ended up using only one page of lungs. When washing the lungs, the lungs are first injected into the lungs by water more than five times, and then a heart resuscitation action is performed. The injected water is gently squeezed out, so that all the bright red blood is repeatedly washed out to obtain the final white lungs. . When Mr. Z was drinking soup, he said to me: "This soup is good to drink once or twice a year. After all, there is no domestic condition. No one can help you wash it." I said: Pig lung soup is for lungs, you don't take long The old ills of coughing unhealed. I won't cook this soup, of course I want to drink it myself. "Pig lungs are washed clean, cut into large pieces, put in a hot pot and repeatedly stir-fried. Do not put oil and not put water. The purpose is to fry all the water when washing the lungs. Pig lungs can be soup together with dried vegetables. Pig lung You can mix soup with pork belly. Pig lungs can be mixed with the large intestines, pig lungs, and soup with pig bones.... I used pork lungs and ribs together to cook soup, not stewed for about 3 hours. Soup Still white, the pig's lungs are soft. Add salt and white pepper when the pot is out.



  1. Wash the pig's lungs. This takes a long time. Buy the best wash. If not washed, use a tube to insert the pulmonary aorta and inject water into the lungs. The lungs will rise to seven or eight times as large as water injection, and then stop filling. Tap the injected water out with a tap. This is repeated until the color of the lungs turns white.

  2. Wash the pig's lungs, cut into large pieces, and put them in a hot pot and stir fry them repeatedly. Do not put oil or water. The purpose is to fry all the water when washing the lungs.

  3. Pork ribs

  4. The pig lungs were placed in a pot for three hours. Salt and white pepper were added to the pan.

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