Recipe: Pig handkerchief lotus root

Home Cooking Recipe: Pig handkerchief lotus root


"Pig hand lotus root lotus root" in Mandarin is "pig front hoof burning lotus root" Guangdong people called the forefoot called pig hand, called the heel called pig's foot. The front hoof is better meat, and the hoof is more fleshy and can only be used for soup.



  1. The water in the pot is boiled, and the trotters are placed in small pieces, and the soup is simmered to the bleeding water. Pick up and wash

  2. 1 tbsp oil in the pot, cold oil into the garlic, ginger flakes

  3. Put in the trotters and stir fry until the skin is slightly yellowish

  4. Adjust the fermented bean curd, seafood sauce, water and sugar in the bowl

  5. Pour the prepared material into the pot and stir fry until the trotters are evenly colored.

  6. Add 700ml of water, 2 tablespoons of rice wine, the water has just been trotters

  7. Add the large lotus roots, add the fire to the boil, turn to the low heat for about 60 minutes, stir fry several times in the middle.

  8. Finally, when the bottom of the soup is left, add green garlic and stir-fry until cooked.


1. Basically, there is no technical content. As long as the seasonings are added well, the sweetness in the salty taste is very good. 2. This dish does not put salt, not soy sauce. Because the seafood sauce itself is colored and salty. The fermented bean curd is also very salty. 3. If there is no seafood sauce, you can use the column sauce instead. 4. Lotus must buy winter whitefly instead of the crispy summer.

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