Recipe: Pig crossbow

Home Cooking Recipe: Pig crossbow


This is a detoxifying soup, and the dehumidification effect is not bad! Pig crossbow is the spleen of pigs and belongs to the immune organs. Efficacy: spleen and stomach, help digestion, nourish the lungs and moisturize, look at the face, go to the liver. Indications: spleen and stomach weakness, indigestion, diabetes (diabetes), lung deficiency, cough, hemoptysis, breast milk, skin cracking. Chicken bone grass therapeutic effect: Chicken bone grass is sweet and bitter, cool, and it is liver, gallbladder and stomach. It has the functions of clearing away heat and dampness, dissipating pain and relieving pain. Indications of jaundice hepatitis, urinary tingling, stomach cramps, rheumatism, joint pain, bruises, blood stasis, chyle.



  1. Wash the chicken bone grass with water and drain; wash the red bean, soak the water, Xinhui Chenpi bubble

  2. The pig's crossbow and ribs are washed and drained, and three pieces of ginger are cut.

  3. Boil the boiled water in the simmer. After the water is opened, the pig is simmered and ribs, ginger, and boiled again when boiled again.

  4. Pour into red bean, tangerine peel and candied dates; chicken bone grass, etc., use the soup mode for about two hours.

  5. Season with salt when eating


Pigs should cut off the connected white film. If you eat it, you can cut it into small pieces; people don't like it very much, so usually just smash it and discard it!

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