Recipe: pie

Home Cooking Recipe: pie


This staple food has been pressed in my hands for a long time, and I have not had time to sort it out. Today I finally took the time to sort it out, O(∩_∩)O~ I feel that this sort of dish is more tired than cooking! When I first came to Beijing, my mother-in-law always gave me a yoghurt pie. Originally, we didn't like pasta in the south, but I also loved the pie of my mother-in-law. When I brought it to school, I shared the dormitory. All of them are scented by my mother-in-law. The following method is still learning with her old people. This kind of face-to-face is really different from the way we are there. No wonder the cakes made in our house always feel hard and dead. It turns out that we have no way to meet each other. Yes, the following is strictly in accordance with the teachings of her old man. The baked cake is delicious, soft and crispy yet delicious! I can't answer it in time. I have a problem with my WeChat: love_tiantianbaby



  1. Sift the flour, use warm water and noodles, add a little bit into the noodles, so that the cake baked with the noodles is soft and

  2. You can't use your chopsticks to make your hands strong, so that the cake that is too hard to be baked will be hard. If you use chopsticks to make the face and you can pick it up, you can't break it. You can't do it. I have done it many times to master such softness. Then cover the lid and wake up for about 30 minutes.

  3. Cut the cabbage into pieces and marinate for about 10 minutes, kill the water in the cabbage, and then squeeze the water from the cabbage with gauze.

  4. Make hot oil + a little pepper on the fire, turn off the scent and turn off the fire, throw the pepper out and throw it away, wait for the oil to cool

  5. Pour the meat into the cool pepper oil, add onion ginger, salt, soy sauce, oyster sauce, chicken essence, cooking wine, stir, then add the sesame oil, the sesame oil must be put in the end, so as to enclose the taste of pickling. If you put the sesame oil first, then the fragrance of the backing is not easy to enter the filling.

  6. Mix the boiled cabbage with the marinated meat, mix well and add a little salt to adjust the saltiness. The way to judge the salty is to smell the sauce of the stuffing until it is almost salty, anyway, I judge it. It’s just that this degree is not easy to grasp. If you are not good, then take a little bit of stuffing and use your tongue to lick it. Try salty and rinse with water.

  7. Evenly spread the powder on the workbench, pick a dough with chopsticks about 25g, don't lick, roll a hand powder directly, use a rolling pin to make a flat skin, like a bag of buns, smash and pinch. Meat stuffing into the dough

  8. Then sprinkle a small amount of powder on the workbench, and fold the side of the bun with a folded side. Press it with your finger and press it a few times to make a round shape.

  9. After baking the electric baking pan, brush a layer of oil, put the wrapped cake into the cake, close the cake lid, wait until the pie cake is bulged, then brush the oil on the opposite side, then drum up again. Turn it over and turn it three times until the two sides are golden brown. (If it is fried in a pan, add 2 tablespoons of oil, start to burn, the firepower is best medium and small fire, the fire will be burnt. When the dough is golden brown, turn over, cover, wait until the pie's crust bulges , flip it over again, cover it and then bulge it again, it will be 3 times.)


There are three key points that you want to make the baked cakes not so hard. As long as these three steps are mastered, there is absolutely no problem. 1. When the dough is the key, be sure to do what I said above, warm water, not smashing, or too dry. 2. When you use the pancakes, no matter what kind of props you use, you must always cover them, so that the cake is even steamed like a frying pan, so that the cake will not be hard. 3. After the pot is placed, the placement of the cake is also very important. Be sure to find a large bowl, put a steaming rack inside, put the cake on the steaming rack, let the cake vacate, and then cover it. As long as the top three baked cakes are absolutely soft, the fragrance should be slightly more oily!

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