Recipe: Pickles

Home Cooking Recipe: Pickles


High school cafeteria breakfast is preferred, not too late to eat! Later, I have been there again, full of memories, such as wit, as I started to do it myself, I used the hot noodles twice, once with the noodles, and the experiment proved that the noodles are super invincible and delicious. It’s also very important, then it’s my turn to introduce wahaha



  1. First and the noodles: Yeast uses warm water to open the flour and dig two holes. One of them is poured into the yeast water, so that one hole is poured into the water, and then poured into the cold water. The dough is preferably soft and placed in the refrigerator for a night and can be done at night. Eat now in the morning

  2. Pickle pickles, ginger cut (the finer the better) pour the cooking oil, sauté the ginger and put the pickles and put a little salt to put the sugar (sugar must be put!!!!)

  3. The refrigerator takes out the dough and presses it back to warm out the gas. It is stuffed with pickles and pressed into a pancake pan with a rolling pin. Two sides of the golden pot, pay attention to the heat do not focus


The finer the ginger, the better, the taste is good. You don't need too much pancakes to pay attention to the heat. The small fire is fried to the golden side. I love the sweetness, so the pickles put two spoons of sugar.

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