Recipe: Pickled sweet and sour snail

Home Cooking Recipe: Pickled sweet and sour snail


The snails that are only available in autumn and winter are the pickles that grandmothers will do when they are young, and the crunchy taste is very lovable. Today's method is based on the practice of a friend's mother. It is sweet and sour, and it is expected to be finished in two weeks~



  1. 1. Wash the ground snails and put a little salt in the pot to let the ground snails out of the water. In the process of effluent, move the pot several times.

  2. 2. After the water is discharged, the ground screw is bottled, and the rice vinegar is not over the ground.

  3. 3. According to your favorite sweetness and sugar, your bottle is estimated to be a bottle of four spoonfuls of sugar.

  4. 4. After a few days, after the sugar has melted, try the soup and add sugar or vinegar according to the situation.


It takes an hour or two for the salt to kill the water from the snail, and the canning process should not be too anxious.

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