Recipe: Pickled sugar garlic

Home Cooking Recipe: Pickled sugar garlic


"Salted sugar garlic", the taste is sweet and sour, the taste is crisp.  In the hot summer, eat noodles, steamed buns, served with a few sugar and garlic, delicious and served; winter hot pot, served with a few sugar and garlic, crisp and clear mouth. Moreover, the nutritional value and health value of garlic are well known.



  1. Choose a little bit of purple garlic, white skin is also OK, purple skin is best; peel off the outer skin of the outer layer, cut off a piece of garlic, cut off the dirty part of the base, clean; Soak for 24 hours or more with light salt water, and change water two or three times in the middle;

  2. Garlic after soaking, head down to control dry water;

  3. The whole code enters the glass sealed bottle or the earthen jar, there will be a lot of space in the bottle, filled with the opened garlic cloves, and the opened garlic cloves should also be skinned;

  4. Adding sugar, I use red sugar, about one teaspoon of garlic;

  5. Pour into rice vinegar, no garlic (you can also add a little salt, no plus, no big difference); if you want to eat white, use white vinegar (of course brewed white vinegar); sealed and stored, without shaking, Let the sugar slowly melt itself. You can eat it in three to four weeks!


1. There is no certain amount of sugar and vinegar. The amount of sugar is about 1 teaspoon (5ml) of garlic. The vinegar can be used as long as it has not been garlic. 2, red color with rice vinegar; want to eat white with white vinegar. 3, put the refrigerator to save the hot pot in winter, no problem. The flavor is better after refrigerating.

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