Recipe: Pickled radish is probably the easiest radish

Home Cooking Recipe: Pickled radish is probably the easiest radish


As a lazy dog, I didn't have the courage to start a Sichuan kimchi jar until I left the US emperor. At home, my dad is responsible for serving my kimchi jar. I don't have the diamond, so I dare to make a simple version of foreign kimchi. . See the tips for the amount of sugar!



  1. Cherry radish washed and drained to remove the head and tail

  2. The remaining materials are mixed evenly and then placed in a clean, water-free sealed container.

  3. Throw the cherry radish into the bubble~ After the refrigerator is refrigerated for 4 hours, you can eat it~


About the amount of sugar: The product soaked in this recipe has almost no sweetness. . More sour, like to eat sweet mouth, the amount of self-doubling sugar is good~ Onion cucumber, Jiang Jiang, can be soaked ~

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