Recipe: Pickled pork with fried fern

Home Cooking Recipe: Pickled pork with fried fern





  1. Wash the fern and cut the strips, boil the water and let it boil until the water boils.

  2. Pick up the fern, pour more oil in the pan, add the chopped ginger and pickles and lean minced meat.

  3. Stir-fry into the scent, put in the fern, fry until almost dry, put a little water to prevent the stick

  4. Put salt and put the fish sauce on the pepper, continue to fry for a while, then put the distiller's grains, thicken it, you can.


Excuse me, the ferns on the cover were eaten by me. Also put two uncooked boiled meatballs (๑•ั็ω•็ั๑)

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