Recipe: Pickled pork liver

Home Cooking Recipe: Pickled pork liver


Pickled pork liver. After adding onions and green peppers, the palate is more layered.



  1. After the pig liver is cut into thin slices and soaked in cold water, the wine, salt and soy sauce are added. After pickling, remove the water and add starch to the sizing.

  2. From the oil pan, the pig liver is sautéed until it is discolored and removed.

  3. New oil pan, two spoons of Laoganma oil and spicy (depending on the amount of vegetables), after the red oil (dry the oily hot pepper), and then the ginger and soaked peppers, the green peppers and onions are fried. .

  4. Stir-fried pork liver, add salt, soy sauce, chicken seasoning! See the onions and green peppers quickly, the next sugar (must be added, and the amount can be a little more), and finally a few drops of balsamic vinegar along the edge of the pot (flavored vinegar (must add, add the eye), stir well, out of the pot!

  5. Waiting for the smell, hahaha, really delicious, because I am a person who basically does not eat pig liver.


After the pig liver is sliced, the water is removed, and the blood is removed more cleanly. Laoganma, white sugar, thick is the pen of God, absolutely can not let go! If you can't buy the pickled pepper, you can do more.

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