Recipe: Pickled plum and green plum juice

Home Cooking Recipe: Pickled plum and green plum juice


There are a few green plums left in the sparkling wine. The local Sichuan green plums ordered for the second time will only start picking in a few days, so I only have to take these few pickled plums to prevent waste! The ratio of green plum and sugar I use is 1:0.7



  1. Wash the green plum, go to the pedicle

  2. Put the green plum into the container and sprinkle with the right amount of salt.

  3. Gently lick the green plum and stick the salt

  4. After standing for a few hours, the epidermis of the green plum is slightly wrinkled, and the oozing water has melted the salt.

  5. At this time, you can add cold water and let the salt water soak the green plum. Let it cool for 2 days

  6. Remove the green plums, put them in the pot, and let the sun shine for two days. (Because it rained these days, I only dried the green plums in the air, so the water did not evaporate much. If the sun is drying, the plums lose more water and will shrink.)

  7. Prepare a poisonous glass jar, a layer of green plum sugar, the ratio of green plum and sugar is 1:1, I don't want to eat too sweet, so after drying, the green plum is only about 170g, I added 120g white sugar to pickle

  8. Cover the lid, shake the bottle a few days ago, shake the sugar that is melting


The sugar juice in the tank mixes the juice oozing from the green plums and becomes a sweet and sour plum juice. It is used to soak in water, or it is a good choice for cooking. If you don't like the feeling of moist skin, you can remove the green plum and dry it on the surface.

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