Recipe: Pickled pepper ginger

Home Cooking Recipe: Pickled pepper ginger



  1. Wash the ginger, red pepper, garlic, and glass clams and dry them;

  2. Sliced ​​ginger, red pepper with seeds chopped, garlic chopped into garlic;

  3. Put all the cut materials into a large container, add salt, a little white sugar and mix well, the amount of salt is slightly more;

  4. Put the mixed material into the prepared large glass crucible, seal the ring with water

  5. It can be placed at room temperature, and you can enjoy the sour and refreshing chilli pepper ginger in 4-6 days.


1. Zijiang must choose tender, otherwise it will feel old ginger when eating. 2. Remember to not get raw water or oil when you use it. .

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