Recipe: Pickled pepper, bean paste, squid

Home Cooking Recipe: Pickled pepper, bean paste, squid


The color is red, fragrant, tender, and the next meal...



  1. Wash the squid with a knife and a few knives, marinate with cooking wine for half an hour

  2. Pickled pepper, soaked ginger, chopped garlic

  3. Heat the cold oil and fry the fragrant peppercorns, pour the chopped pickled pepper, soak the ginger, garlic, Sichuan bean paste stir fry, add the right amount of boiling water.

  4. Add the marinated squid, cook for five minutes, and gently turn over.

  5. Cooked, put on the plate, put the soup in the pot into the chicken essence, shallots, cilantro and turn it out, and pour it into the fish dish. The pickled pepper and the squid will be cooked.

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