Recipe: Pickled fresh red pepper

Home Cooking Recipe: Pickled fresh red pepper


The taste is excellent, whether it is taken out or cooked, it is very good. very simple



  1. The peppers are washed clean and the raw water must be drained.

  2. Open the water into a large glass bottle, of course, the best glass cans.

  3. When all the water is cold, pour it into a large glass jar and put in fresh red pepper.

  4. Then add ginger, salt, white wine, sugar, MSG.

  5. The last step is to seal the can, I use a small glass can, so the sealing of a plastic bag will not wind, if it is a large glass jar, it can be sealed without water, because it will be acid after the wind Not good.


Pay attention to the boiling water to be cold and add salt to do as much as possible. Put more salt in the time to keep it longer and see your taste.

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