Recipe: Pickled fresh

Home Cooking Recipe: Pickled fresh


When the winter bamboo shoots are on the market, it is time to eat pickled fresh! Every time I think of pickled oysters, I will have the urge to drool. The savory taste of fresh meat and bacon and winter bamboo shoots are intertwined. What kind of thick and mellow ah~



  1. Wash the fresh skinned hind leg meat (hereinafter referred to as fresh meat) and fresh meat, cut into pieces; remove the winter bamboo shoots, wash and cut the pieces; ginger slices

  2. Wash the bean skin, use boiling water, then roll it up and knot it.

  3. Then boil the water in the pot, simmer the fresh meat, pick it up, and wash the floating foam with cold water.

  4. Put the fresh meat, bacon, and bamboo shoots in the pot, add the water, pour a small amount of rice wine, ginger, boil over the fire, simmer slowly

  5. After two hours, put the bean skin knot and cook for about an hour.

  6. Salt is added according to your preference, because the bacon usually has a salty taste and is cooked in the soup, so you don't need to add too much salt in the end.


1. The knot made of bean husk is called louver knot in the south and can be purchased ready-made. There may be no north, you can use your own bean skin, try to buy thinner bean skin. 2. The bean skin is easy to boil and smash before being put into the food. It can be put in the time of quick cooking.

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