Recipe: Pickled fresh

Home Cooking Recipe: Pickled fresh


Pickled is bacon, fresh is fresh pork, 笃 is the Hangzhou dialect, it is slowly simmered in a small fire. Pickled fresh and matched with spring bamboo shoots to scent the spring flavor. Soup tastes delicious



  1. The spring bamboo shoots are shelled and cut into hob blocks

  2. Fresh meat, bacon washed and cut, fresh meat first bloody

  3. Then add the fresh meat and bacon. Spring bamboo shoots together. Add boiling water, ginger, cooking wine. The fire is on, and the small fire slowly simmers (cooks) for one hour.

  4. When the soup is milky white, when the meat is crispy, you can sprinkle with chopped green onion (if the bacon is not much. You can add some salt)


Soup, delicious and delicious bamboo shoots

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