Recipe: Pickled fish head

Home Cooking Recipe: Pickled fish head


When I was a child, my mom often made pickled fish for me to eat, but I always suspected that there were too many fish bones, just eat some pickled vegetables. After getting married, my husband likes to eat fish. We often go shopping together. Husband said: Eat fish for dinner. I said: Ok, I will cook the pickled fish head for you.



  1. First treat the fish head, wash it, control the water, massage with salt, and put aside.

  2. Wash the sauerkraut to chop it up. The finer the sauerkraut, the better. But this one looks like a person, and you can cut it.

  3. Prepare ginger, garlic, pepper, and pepper.

  4. Heat the pot, add 3, after the scent, add 2, stir fry the scent, it doesn't matter if you fry it.

  5. Add boiling water and cover.

  6. After the pot is opened, put the fish head and cover it. Don't flip it at this time, so as not to sell it.

  7. After 7-10 minutes of the fire, you can turn off the fire. You can sprinkle with shallots when you are out of the pan, and you can also add chopped parsley.


In the cooking process, if the fish head is not completely submerged by the soup, it does not matter, the fish will be cooked when the lid is covered.

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