Recipe: Pickled fish

Home Cooking Recipe: Pickled fish


Homemade kimchi fish, appetizing is not greasy. Suitable for children's shoes that are not very spicy but also like pickled fish.



  1. Wash the fish and remove the bones. The fish fillets are marinated for 10 minutes with raw flour, salt, soy sauce and ginger.

  2. Wash the sauerkraut and cut into small pieces.

  3. Put a little oil in the pot, fry the fish head and fish bones to the surface golden, and let the boiled water on the surface.

  4. Put in sauerkraut until it tastes and pour it out into the soup bowl.

  5. Put the oil in the pot and burn it red, and put in the right amount of water to boil.

  6. Pour the marinated fish fillets and boil the peppers.

  7. Pick up the sauerkraut that is placed in Practice 4.

  8. Sprinkle with chopped green onion.


Put the oil in the pot and burn it red. When the amount is boiled, carefully splash the oil.

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