Recipe: Pickled chicken

Home Cooking Recipe: Pickled chicken


I like to eat pickled chicken feet. I have tried to do it myself before. The sweet and sour taste is always easy to capture the most appetizing appetite. Because you will not do the bones of the pickled chicken feet, so when you eat more or less little trouble, especially when you eat and chat, the bones will make you a little bit not happy. This pickled chicken and chicken simmered, it was all that little trouble, because the taste was crisp enough and fresh, so it was more popular with family members. It is not difficult to do the same. If you like to eat the original flavor, you can try my practice. If you like to eat complex flavors, you can add some anise, pepper or something. It's a good choice to make an appetizer with beer.



  1. Chicken chop cut into heart-shaped slices

  2. Chopped chicken fillets soaked in salt water for half an hour

  3. Then put it in boiling water, boil it, remove it

  4. After repeatedly rinsed with water, add wild pepper, white vinegar, ginger powder, salt

  5. Put it in the sealed box and refrigerate it in the refrigerator. After one day, you can eat it.

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