Recipe: Pickled Beans

Home Cooking Recipe: Pickled Beans


Sautéed with sour beans, fried garlic is especially sour and sour, and it is cheap and clean.



  1. Before the cooking, the rice water is left behind, and the pepper is added. The salt is boiled and open and cool (the whole process cannot touch the oil)

  2. Wash the prepared materials and dry them. The beans are not cut, the garlic is peeled, the peppers are stalked, and the clothes are dried.

  3. Wash the slices with ginger and let dry

  4. Carrots, white radishes, peeled, washed, cut, dried

  5. All the dried materials, poured into a glass bottle (a special marinated tank is better) plus a glass of white wine (to prevent the deterioration of the pickled water), there must be no raw water and oil

  6. Put it in a ventilated place for three or five days.

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