Recipe: Pick up the Arctic Bellow

Home Cooking Recipe: Pick up the Arctic Bellow


This idea comes from eating salmon. We are the home of fish and rice in Shunde. We like to eat fresh fish in Shunde, and then make a variety of side dishes with sashimi. Then we have the practice of using these side dishes with salmon. In the end, there are also picking up the geoducks... pick up the dishes of the Arctic shellfish.



  1. Thaw the Arctic shells, cut in half, clear the yellow inside, and cut the strips in the middle of the plate.

  2. Cut the green onions into silk, carrots and smashed into silk (the razor used by me), cut the garlic into pieces, stir-fry the peanuts, cut the peppers, cut the ginger, and cut the onion with a thin layer of silk. A little bit can be served with a little millet pepper, and the top material is placed neatly around the Arctic shellfish together with the Fuling mustard.

  3. The mustard is squeezed in the soy sauce and mixed evenly. The amount of peanut oil is good. (We eat fish and like peanut oil, it looks oily and slippery.)

  4. Pour the mustard soy sauce and peanut oil evenly into the Arctic shellfish and mix all the ingredients. You're done, you can come and eat.


Friends who don't like to eat Arctic shells can quickly pick up them with boiling water and dry them. The above materials should be as dry as possible so that the soy sauce is not too wet and dilute.

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