Recipe: Phoenix Corn

Home Cooking Recipe: Phoenix Corn


It's very simple to make a phoenix corn borer. Just a can of sweet corn grits and two eggs. If you are a lazy person and want to show your hand in the kitchen, then come and do this Phoenix corn. By the way, the phoenix in this soup name is the egg ha, huh, imaginative.



  1. You need to buy a can of cornmeal, it is recommended to buy the American land card, it is definitely not a foreigner, and people are really good.

  2. Two eggs, we only take the egg yolk, egg white can be reserved for other purposes. Dispose of the egg yolk with an egg beater or chopsticks.

  3. The amount of water in the pot is controlled by the amount of water. Generally speaking, a can of sweet corn can be used for about 8 people. If four or five people, half a can is enough.

  4. After the water in the pot is boiled, pour in the sweet corn, stir evenly with a spoon, and remove the floating foam.

  5. According to your taste, add the right amount of salt and chicken powder, because the sweet corn itself is sweet, so you don't have to add sugar.

  6. After the pot is opened, use wet starch to thicken the amount.

  7. Finally, pour the beaten egg yolk into the pot and stir it into a egg-like shape with a spoon. When you drink, you can add a little pepper according to your taste.


When you buy sweet corn in the ground, there is a small trick. You don't even need to read the text on the label, just look at the small spoon on the label pattern. The spoon is pure one grain, the one is corn grain; and the picture in our small spoon is thick granules, which is what we choose for corn. After the egg yolk is sprinkled into the pot, turn off the heat, do not stir with a spoon immediately, and then stir for a few seconds, so that the egg flower is even and beautiful.

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