Recipe: Persimmon cornmeal

Home Cooking Recipe: Persimmon cornmeal


Persimmon corn noodles, is a time when the persimmon ripening season, the grandmother often makes a delicious food, and now recalls the natural, sweet taste, still so beautiful. Corn contains long-lived factor - glutathione, which can restore youth and delay aging. In addition, there are selenium and magnesium, which can prevent cancer and cancer. Persimmon, heat and lungs, thirst, spleen and phlegm, blood pressure, Lee water, anti-inflammatory, stop bleeding.



  1. The soft persimmon is washed and peeled, and pressed into a persimmon mud with a spoon;

  2. Add cornmeal, ordinary wheat flour (also can be replaced with soy flour) a little aluminum-free baking powder and open. There is no need to release water throughout the process. Like sweet taste, you can put some sugar, not let it go, because the persimmon itself is very sweet;

  3. Wake up a little while, and divide it into a uniform small dose and knead it into a shape of a nest; (the coarse grain fiber is more, the dough is not smooth and smooth)

  4. Put a layer of oil-absorbing paper or steamed cloth on the steamer, or brush a layer of cooking oil, put it into the pinch, and steam for about 15 minutes.

  5. Huang Chengcheng, sweet and fragrant, fragrant persimmon corn noodles out of the pot ~

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