Recipe: Perilla Lemon Tea - Autumn Special Drink

Home Cooking Recipe: Perilla Lemon Tea - Autumn Special Drink


Perilla leaf soaking water can be used as tea in daily life. Perilla leaves have a good effect on the stomach and stomach, as well as the effect of dispelling cold. Therefore, if the body has a nausea or vomiting or a cold, you can take the perilla leaves. Drinking a cup of warm perilla tea in the autumn, the whole person will feel particularly warm. Attach a video production process for your reference!



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Boil 2L of water

    Boil 2L of water

  2. Put in the washed basil leaves and simmer for 5 minutes.

  3. Add 400g of rock sugar until the sugar is completely melted

  4. Put all the lemon juice in ten seconds. Turn off the fire and put in the lemon juice. Note that the color of the soup will change rapidly, from dark green to pink, very beautiful.

  5. Put it in a clean container and store it for half a year. Every time you drink it, you can take it out and drink it according to your preference. But I prefer to drink hot, warmer warmer stomach.

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