Recipe: Perilla leaf eggplant fried beans

Home Cooking Recipe: Perilla leaf eggplant fried beans



  1. Eggplant cut into strips soaked in water, then drain the water for use;

  2. Put the oil in the pot (more than cooking, prepare to fry). Heat it to the extent of the smoke. The cowpea and eggplant are oiled separately. The beans are fried to the edge and the blister is picked up. The eggplant is fried to the edge and picked up.

  3. Leave a little bit of oil in the pot, put the garlic and ginger grains, and put the basil leaves into the stir fry

  4. Then go to the oily kidney beans and stir fry, then put the eggplant fried

  5. Put oyster sauce, soy sauce, salt seasoning

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