Recipe: Perilla fried tofu

Home Cooking Recipe: Perilla fried tofu


Some time ago, I made a paste of perilla, I can't wait to try it. After the pickled sauce, there is no strong flavor when it is fresh, but it has a hint of fragrance. Perilla sauce:



  1. After cutting the north tofu water, cut it into 1cm thick slices.

  2. Put a proper amount of vegetable oil in the pan and slowly fry the tofu in the middle of the fire until the tofu is golden on both sides.

  3. Put a proper amount of vegetable oil in the pot, add the sesame sauce and stir-fry the sesame after the oil is hot, then add the tofu and stir-fry.

  4. Put a little water to avoid the pot

  5. Put in soy sauce, salt seasoning

  6. When the soup is almost finished, put the sugar and stir it evenly.


The amount of water must not be too much, otherwise the tofu skin will easily become soft and lose the tenderness of the outer coke. The perilla sauce itself has a certain salty taste, so the salt should be placed less or not.

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