Recipe: Perilla cucumber fried meat

Home Cooking Recipe: Perilla cucumber fried meat



  1. Cucumber cut strips, meat shredded slices can be, the perilla can be cut into several sections without a requirement, ginger and garlic can be cut at the end. Chopped pepper, just one point, color matching

  2. The oil is hot, the cucumber stick is first put into the pot, and it is slightly fried for a while. It is a little soft, and it is pulled to the side. The empty place is filled with ginger and garlic into the pot and the savory meat is turned into a pot to stir the color.

  3. Add a little soy sauce, stir-fried with basil, season with salt

  4. The last decorated pepper is broken into the pot and can be broken.

  5. a little MSG

  6. carry out


Perilla and cucumber are perfect match! How to make it delicious!

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