Recipe: Perfect Bread Toast (Stupid Formula)

Home Cooking Recipe: Perfect Bread Toast (Stupid Formula)


This method of making the bread machine is done in 3 steps. Super simple. And don't worry about baking powder! In many places, it is said that the baking powder cannot be touched by water, and this formula is directly thrown in. Hundreds of Tests



  1. Put a cup of warm water into the pot, then add the sugar and baking powder according to the amount. Wait 10 minutes until the water starts to bubble (very important)

  2. Add flour, salt, and oil. If you like, you can add another egg.

  3. Select the basic settings and leave the rest to the machine.


- The first step is very important. Be sure to put the fermented sugar and sugar into warm water first. If there are bubbles, you can put it in the flour. So don't worry about uneven fermentation - Like whole wheat, you can replace half of the flour with whole wheat flour. - If you like, you can add oil cattle and eggs.

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