Recipe: Peppermint Brown Rice Congee

Home Cooking Recipe: Peppermint Brown Rice Congee


Fangzi refers to "living method" "mint, Xin can be divergent, cool can clear, specializing in breeze heat. Therefore, headache, head wind, eyes, throat, mouth disease are essential medicines." - "Compendium of Materia Medica" mint It can be eaten directly or tea, and Chinese medicine is used as a sweating and antipyretic agent, which is specially designed for breeze cooling. Yesterday, I got a hot cold, so I made this porridge with my own diet. It belongs to the summer cool porridge ~1-2 bowls.



  1. The mint is washed and leaves are left for use. After the scouring, the brown rice is soaked according to the time indicated by the product;

  2. Put about 1.5 liters of water in the pot, boil the water and put in brown rice. Bring the brown rice to a small fire and cook for more than an hour until the brown rice is soft and cooked. Cook the mint and cook until it boils. .

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