Recipe: Peppercorns

Home Cooking Recipe: Peppercorns


Scrambled eggs with pepper are the easiest dish, and the rice is the most delicious. It is eaten at noon. At night, it is eaten by one person. It is fried with a pepper, two eggs, and full. full.



  1. Washed shredded pepper

  2. Eggs are scattered, add a little salt to taste

  3. Hot pot cold oil, oil 50% hot, scrambled eggs 8 mature, set to bowl

  4. Stir the pepper for a minute, put the salt and mix well, pour the egg into the fry and stir fry for a while.


I can't eat too spicy, so only one of the peppers is used, and it is cut into silk. It can be cut into larger pieces or pepper rings.

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