Recipe: Pepper-fried old tofu

Home Cooking Recipe: Pepper-fried old tofu


There are thousands of ways tofu, and I don’t want to repeat it every time. Today I saw that there is still an old tofu in the house. If I don’t eat it, I will be broken. So I will play a subjective initiative!



  1. Cut the tofu into small pieces. Onion and diced, garlic peeled to Tichard, ginger, minced, pepper, seeded and cut into small pieces, chopped green onion, spare. Peppercorn leaves crushed, spare

  2. Heat the pot, heat the right amount of oil, the oil temperature is 70%, and the tofu is fried to the golden side.

  3. Pour the diced green onion and ginger at the end of the garlic, and add the yellow wine, sugar, salt, soy sauce and taste. At the end of the pepper leaves, add two bowls of water, boil over high heat, and dry over medium heat.

  4. Under the green onion, the fragrance can be baked


For spicy taste, the peppers are not seeded.

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