Recipe: Pepper-flavored baby dish

Home Cooking Recipe: Pepper-flavored baby dish


I have been very busy recently. It seems that I am always on a non-stop meeting. I keep writing reports. People feel a little dizzy. I can’t enter the state of doing things. Although I have a lot of work, I’m on May 1st. I have to finish it before, but I am a little helpless. When I think that there is so much work, I have a headache, hehe! Time is tight, the task is heavy! It is said that a hundred dishes are not as good as cabbage, which shows that its nutritional value is high. I really like to eat cabbage. My mother said that I am born with cabbage. It is always inseparable from eating, even if it is stewed at home. Pot bacon, you must first wash me a little pot of cabbage under the hot pot, huh, huh, this is still the case, I have almost never cut the cabbage in the cooking refrigerator, whether it is soup or cooking, I like to come to a little bit to eat!



  1. Wash the baby dish and cut it into two petals, then cut into small pieces. It is best not to cut the vegetables.

  2. Cut the baby dish into boiling water (put some salt in boiling water) and pick it up.

  3. Put the base oil in the pot, filter it out after the dried pepper is musk

  4. Into the ginger and minced musk, then put in the old dry mom oil chili for a while

  5. Stir in the baby dish, add salt, a small amount of vinegar (in order to make the vitamin C in the dish less lost), put the chicken essence and sesame oil before the pot, sprinkle the garlic seedlings


Friends who don't like spicy food can not sauté the dried chili. The spicy taste of the oil chili is not very heavy, just to enhance the fragrance, it is very good!

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