Recipe: Pepper-flavored Arctic Shrimp

Home Cooking Recipe: Pepper-flavored Arctic Shrimp



  1. Arctic shrimps are slowly thawed from the freezer in the freezer

  2. Thaw, take out the cold water and rinse it several times.

  3. Pick a little salt, raw flour, and pepper for half an hour.

  4. Put the oil in the pan, put more than the stir-fry, put the Arctic Shrimp and fry for a little while after the oil is hot.


Wild Arctic Shrimp, cooked in the deep seas of the Arctic Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean, is cooked and frozen immediately, so the shrimp itself is cooked and can be eaten directly. Of course, you can also cook food. However, because it is cooked, it takes a short time to cook to retain the sweet taste of Arctic shrimp. This way, you can't cook like a regular shrimp. The shrimp itself has some sweetness. And salty, so use less salt when cooking. The artificially cultivated grass shrimp that we usually eat can grow up in three months, and the shrimp is only so small in three years, so the content of the essence can be imagined. Its flesh is tender and the shrimp seeds inside are very sweet. Therefore, do not remember to put the spices such as chicken essence in this dish, so as not to damage the flavor of the Arctic shrimp itself. Cooking time is short, but pay attention to health and safety, so when the Arctic Shrimp melts, please melt in the cold room, so that it has a taste and is more sanitary. Because seafood multiplies bacteria more than 4 degrees. Melt the good Arctic Shrimp, you have to take some raw powder. When it is fried, the skin will be crispy, and it will absorb some water and will not fry the pan.

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