Recipe: Pepper and potato

Home Cooking Recipe: Pepper and potato


Potatoes are the best weight loss ingredients for civilians. You don't have to worry about excess fat because you eat potatoes, because it only contains 0.1% fat; it is beyond the reach of all foods for hunger. Eating more potatoes every day can reduce the intake of fat, so that excess fat is gradually metabolized, eliminating your nausea.



  1. Choose potatoes: Potatoes that make peppers and potatoes should choose potatoes with a light yellow heart, so that the fried potatoes are delicious. There are two types of potatoes on the market.

  2. A. From the appearance, there are dark and light colors.

  3. B. From the inside (that is, after peeling), there are points of white heart and yellow heart.

  4. C. The skin with a deep color is rough and the skin is slightly thicker. After peeling, it is white heart. This kind of potato grows out in the sand land. It tastes a little bit and is suitable for stewing and cooking.

  5. D. The light color of the outer skin is smooth and the skin is thin. After peeling, there is a yellow heart. This kind of potato grows out of the mud. It tastes crisp and is suitable for frying.

  6. Cut potatoes

  7. A. Some people like to use a grater to wipe potatoes. In fact, look closely, the potatoes wiped out by the grater are flaky, not silky.

  8. B. Some people think that the thinner the potato silk is cut, the better. In fact, this is not the case. As long as the potato silk is evenly cut, it is cut into a stick with a matchstick, so that the potato silk is evenly heated during cooking and has the same maturity. The fried potato silk tastes good and brittle. If the potato is cut too thin, the potatoes are easy to fry during frying.

  9. Soaked potato

  10. A. When cutting the potato, prepare a clean large basin with cold water and soak the sliced ​​potatoes in cold water. Because there are many water, starch and minerals, vitamins and other substances in the potatoes, when cut, these substances will flow out together with the water flowing out of the broken potatoes. When they contact the air, they will quickly oxidize. Thus turning red, potatoes are easy to dry

  11. B. Add a little vinegar when soaking the potatoes. Because potato silk is soaked in water, it will cause many soluble vitamins to be lost in potatoes. Adding a little vinegar can reduce the loss of vitamins and minerals in the potato silk, and also ensure that the taste of the potato silk is crisp and crisp, and it is not sticky when fried.

  12. Mix the potatoes: After the potatoes are soaked, drain the water, add some cooking oil, and mix well with chopsticks. The purpose of refueling is to let the oil adhere to the surface of the potato and lock the moisture inside the potato.

  13. 焯 potato silk: put the water in the pot and open it into the potato, add a little salt, and simmer with hot water. The purpose is to make the starchy surface of the potato surface gelatinized and taste good; and the moisture inside the potato will not leak out, and it tastes crispy.

  14. Stir-fried potatoes: When frying potatoes, be sure to stir them quickly with a big fire, so that the moisture of the potatoes can be dried to ensure a crisp taste. If you are skilled, you can hold the pot handle by hand and turn the pot a few times so that the potato wire is heated more evenly.

  15. Seasoning peppers: stir-fried peppers and potatoes, first use pepper to scent the oil, can increase the flavor of the dishes; add red chili peppers to make it spicy, but also to add flavor

  16. Ginger for seasoning: stir-fry the peppers and potatoes, do not use the oil to blast the ginger. It is best to put the potatoes in the fry and then put them in the fire. Because if the oil is used to explode ginger, the spicy taste of ginger will affect the taste of the last potato, and cover the fragrance of the potato.

  17. Seasoning garlic: stir-fried peppers and potatoes, first use oil to scent a portion of garlic, made of garlic oil, in order to take its fragrance; finally, the potato is fried and then add a portion of garlic, in order to take its own taste

  18. Cooking vinegar

  19. A. Do not flip the potato silk into the pot, immediately cook the vinegar, one is for crispy, the acidic substance can change the plant cell properties, and the second is to enter the bottom taste.

  20. B. After frying the potato, the purpose of vinegaring before the pot is to increase the fragrance, but not too much, otherwise the taste is too sour. And be sure to drip along the side of the pot, so that the vinegar will generate steam when it is hot, and the scent of vinegar will come out.

  21. Such a plate of delicious peppers and potatoes will be fried.

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