Recipe: Peas pea peas

Home Cooking Recipe: Peas pea peas


The name is like a tongue twister! Exploding a simple lazy dish, the peas are finished with the remaining peas and bibimbap.



  1. In the first step, the peas are boiled and boiled.

  2. The second step, the right amount of chicken soup in the pot, add pea peas, stir and mix, the amount of salt

  3. Or you don't have chicken soup, then →

  4. The second step, boil the water of the peas to the right amount of the pot, add the peas, stir and mix, the amount of salt, the amount of chicken

  5. The third step is to pour the peas on the plate.

  6. Finished


What are the tips of such a simple dish!

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