Recipe: Pearl milk tea pearl ~

Home Cooking Recipe: Pearl milk tea pearl ~



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Sifting the tapioca powder - this will avoid the particles in the dough

    Sifting the tapioca powder - this will avoid the particles in the dough

  2. Boil boiling water~ Let's talk about the difference between brown sugar and chocolate powder. Brown sugar is made of brown translucent pearls, and chocolate powder is made of nearly black opaque pearls. Compared with chocolate powder, it is closer to the market. Pearl, but always feel that a lot of pigments on the market are so dark.

  3. Ignore the theme, dissolve brown sugar or chocolate powder into hot water, and pour the powder and sugar into the brain while the water is burning and switching. Slowly stir underneath, the surface will be very sticky, slowly live~

  4. After waiting for a group, start the most tormented step, 搓小圆子, slowly come to worry, as long as the face is good, it is not a problem, a little patience~

  5. A small plate is packed with dry cassava powder, and the good round is thrown in and rolled. At the end, all the rounds are poured into the sieve to shake off the excess powder. If you want to eat slowly, you should put it frozen!

  6. When you want to eat, open the water pot, you can cook it in seven or eight minutes, and take out the cold water and stimulate it to eat more Q!

  7. This is how chocolate powder is made~

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