Recipe: Peanut stick

Home Cooking Recipe: Peanut stick


17.Okt applied for a long-term visa to study in Germany. If the visa passes before Christmas, he will leave Dalian and will not return after the Chinese New Year. In between, I want to make dinner for my mother every day. It is a kind of repayment for guilt, because I can't have more time around them. On the other hand, if you expect to get a visa, you can start a new journey. I have to run hard and run fast to fly.



  1. Put the peanuts in a pan and fry them over low heat. In the process, you should constantly stir up and prevent paste. Never be lazy.

  2. Remove the peanuts and place in a separate container.

  3. Add a little water to the pot. It doesn't matter if you add more. It will evaporate when you fry the sugar. Add sugar and add it at a time.

  4. Stir until the syrup is thick and can be smeared on the shovel, then pour the peanuts into the stir fry, keep the fire.

  5. Wait until the surface of the peanut is evenly covered with syrup, sieve into the mixture of starch and milk powder, turn off the heat, and continue to turn even.

  6. When the peanuts are evenly separated, the pan can be used and allowed to cool.


My mom always told me about a kind of peanut candy that I had eaten when I was young. She described it as sticky as peanuts, but the supermarket did not sell the taste of the past. She said that she had a strong milk flavor. Therefore, milk powder was added to the sieve to increase the milkiness.

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