Recipe: Peanut red dates black rice porridge

Home Cooking Recipe: Peanut red dates black rice porridge



  1. Black rice and glutinous rice are washed clean and soaked in cold water for 2 hours in advance. Put black rice, glutinous rice, red dates, peanuts into the pot, add appropriate amount of water

  2. Electric pressure cooker can porridge, fast time. If you cook in a regular pot, use a large fire to boil the water, then cook with a small flower for about 40 minutes. Add the rock sugar after the porridge is cooked, and wait until the rock sugar is cooked.


Black rice is an ideal tonic food. Black rice is called "black rice" because of its dark skin. Because of its efficacy, it is also called: blood-sucking rice. Black rice is flat and sweet, can nourish yin and kidney, replenish spleen and stomach, nourish qi and promote blood circulation, and can raise liver and eyesight. How to cook a good black rice porridge? 1. Black rice is not finished like white rice. It is eaten directly after half of the shelling. It is a bit like “brown rice”. Therefore, when used to make rice, you should add white rice together and taste better. 2, when using black rice to make porridge, it will take a period of soaking, it will fully absorb water. 3, add some glutinous rice when porridge can increase the viscosity of porridge, taste the fragrant. 4, in order to increase the rich taste and nutrition of black rice porridge, we added peanuts and red dates, not only can play the role of blood and Qi, spleen and stomach, eat different taste and flavor!

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