Recipe: Peanut milk

Home Cooking Recipe: Peanut milk


In the chapter "To eat brunch together" "There is a drink full of breakfast drinks" chapter [to eat together] is the latest series of books published in the kitchen, @Pan Xiaoyue's "to eat brunch together", @晴小超人"Together with afternoon tea", @小小H's "to eat light dinner together" 3 composition, the perfect weekend for the food squad, is to eat from morning till night! 3 books have exclusive offers together: Thanks for your support! I used to drink "Silver Heron Peanut Milk" for a while in the early years. I felt that the taste of peanuts was in the milk and the flavor was very good. These packaged drinks on the market are definitely a bunch of additives, homemade! There is just a little bit of @@小小 H before giving me raw peanuts, cook it! You can also use the soymilk machine to do the tricks, all of them go into the grain mode just fine~



  1. Raw peanut kernels are soaked in water for one night. If the peanut red dress is removed, the taste will be more delicate, but this layer of red clothes is a good thing for blood. It is recommended not to go. If you want to remove it, you must first boil the peanuts in boiling water and then peel off the red.

  2. Put the soaked peanut kernels into a blender, add mineral water, and mix thoroughly.

  3. Then filter out the peanut juice and pour it into a small pot for later use. Pour the peanut residue back into the blender, add the milk, and mix well again.

  4. Filter again and pour the filtered peanut milk with the peanut juice from the previous step.

  5. Boil, add sugar. You can also transfer honey after a little cool.


The reason why it is divided into two whippings is because the "small number of times" method can stir more evenly. If you are in trouble, you can also pour peanuts, mineral water, and milk into a blender and mix well at once. It is also possible to use all of the water, or all of the milk, except that the consistency is not the same. I think half of the water and half of the milk is just right. Don't waste the peanut residue filtered out. You can add a little flour to make a cake. Just like the bean dregs pancakes, it is not clear how to do it. Search for "bean cake pancakes".

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