Recipe: Peanut meringue mooncake

Home Cooking Recipe: Peanut meringue mooncake


The crispy oil made with cold lard, the skin is always broken when the skin is minked, and the moon cake sold is really terrible. Suddenly I think that the method of frying the oil cake can be used to make moon cakes, and there is no moon cake stuffing in the hands. Suddenly mixed with sugar and peanuts, when the stuffing is done, forget to take pictures, only the text version



  1. Put all the materials of the oil skin together, except for the water, then pour the water while stirring, stir until there is no dry flour, stop adding the underwater handcuffs into a ball, and then expand to the same as the clothes (the machine can omit this step)揉After the cover, wrap the plastic wrap for half an hour.

  2. Deep-fried pastry is super simple. Prepare a small bowl to dry the flour. The lard is simmered until it is smoked. Pour it into a small bowl and stir it quickly. Here, the amount of oil can not be too much. The judgment method is to fry. Oily powder and oil can not be clearly layered

  3. Prepare the cooked peanuts and peel them into the fresh-keeping bag. Use a rolling pin to crush them. You can crush them a little bit, so as not to poke the three spoonfuls of flour in the oil pan and put them in the microwave for one minute, then mix them with the ground peanuts and sugar. Finally, topped with lard and mixed evenly, covered with plastic wrap and placed in the refrigerator. The sweetness can be adjusted according to personal preference.

  4. Wake up the dough without rubbing, straighten the strip, divide it into ten or 12 parts, arrange each dough, cover with plastic wrap and wake up for ten minutes. Each dough is kneaded into a beef tongue, sprinkled evenly with oil, and then rolled up. Roll the dough up, and then lick the beef tongue again. At this time, if there is any remaining oil, you can sprinkle a little and roll it up. If you don’t roll it up twice, roll it up and flatten it. The right size is round, take out a little peanut and crush it into a ball (because it is refrigerated with lard, it can be molded), wrap it like a bag, and preheat the oven while closing the mouth. In the oven, the oven temperature is adjusted to 150 degrees above and below, and baked for about 20 minutes. Because the ovens are different, the temperature and time should be observed and adjusted.


I personally feel that it is easier to make a pastry with fried pastry, because it is not easy to break the skin, but the mouth must be tightened, otherwise there will be oil seeping out.

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