Recipe: Peaches

Home Cooking Recipe: Peaches


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  1. Pork belly washed and boiled

  2. Beans are cleaned and cleaned into pieces of appropriate size.

  3. Less oil in the pot, add appropriate amount of pepper to saute, add pork belly, bean stir fry

  4. Add soy sauce, a small amount of soy sauce, oyster sauce until the beans are cooked

  5. Add water or chicken soup to the pot. If you haven't had it, put one or two octagonal. After boiling, the soup will be served.

  6. Put the bean code in the pot neatly, spread the appropriate amount of udon noodles evenly on top, pour a little sesame oil, and then continue to lay the remaining noodles until the finish is finished.

  7. Slowly pour a little soup along the side of the pot, cover the lid, adjust the medium heat, and sprinkle some more when the soup is dry, repeat until the surface is cooked.

  8. Add the garlic to the noodles and then simmer a little, then simmer over the fire and evenly drain the broth.


1. Pork belly can use ribs or something, or you can use beans, it is also delicious. 2. Garlic is more cut and tastes better. 2. Face to choose the strong feeling, such as Udon's ~ 3. The soup should be added slowly to the side of the pot to ensure that the noodles are cooked rather than cooked.

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