Recipe: Peach tea

Home Cooking Recipe: Peach tea


Before I saw a photo album in Douban, I introduced the practice of peach tea, and came over to the kitchen to search for the undergrowth. . . Try it today, the color is good dreams~! However, I changed my recipes for reference only. Please note the original formula → →



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Peel the peach into small pieces or small pieces;

    Peel the peach into small pieces or small pieces;

  2. a small pot, about 500ml of water to boil;

  3. Peach is boiled in boiled water and added to the cherries;

  4. Brewing good black tea with water, about 400ml;

  5. After the peach and the cherries are cooked for two minutes, the water in the pot becomes a little bit white, and now the black tea is soaked;

  6. Stir... Cut half a lemon into the lemon juice;

  7. Turn off the heat, add the amount of crystal sugar, continue to stir until all the sugar dissolves;

  8. Finally, find a bottle cup and put it in the air to put it in the refrigerator! I can drink it in about 3 hours~~


Half a lemon squeezed out of the lemon juice, I boiled it in the pot again~ It’s good to drink some mint in the summer!

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