Recipe: Peach sauce

Home Cooking Recipe: Peach sauce


Peach right season, nectarine, peach, peach, peach, white peach, etc. It’s something I’ve been passionate about to make delicious jams from seasonal fruits. The process is not complicated. The key to harvesting homemade health and joy. Why not?~^^ #乐购TESCO优鲜下厨房-水果#



  1. Wash the peaches, peel, remove the nucleate, put in the container, add the sugar to stir the surface, evenly sprinkle the sugar, and seal the plastic wrap into the refrigerator for half a day/night;

  2. Boil the pot and turn to a small fire. Stir from time to time to prevent the stick from sticking, squeeze into the lemon juice, and wait until the sticky sauce is closed to close the fire and bottle. Seal and store.


1, can choose other varieties of peaches to control; 2, if you like a delicate taste, you can use a blender before tanning; 3, the amount of sugar is adjusted according to personal preference and fruit sweetness; 4, into a clean dry bottle, each time with a waterless spoon.

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