Recipe: Peach jam

Home Cooking Recipe: Peach jam



  1. Washed peaches, peeled and nucleated

  2. After cutting small pieces, put them in an acid-proof pot, add sugar, and add water.

  3. Boil in medium heat, medium and small heat for about 15 minutes. After the peach is boiled, use a spoon to press it down or crush it.

  4. Pour maltose

  5. Stir well, continue to cook with medium and small fire, stir and press constantly

  6. After about 10-15 minutes, the sauce can be thickened. After cooling, put it in a small bottle without oil and water. Store it in a cold place and take it out on the second day.


TIPS: 1. The jam must be prepared with a strong acid-resistant pot, such as a glass pot or a stainless steel pot; 2. It is best to stir slowly during the cooking process; 3, the bottle to preserve the jam must be acid-resistant, heat-resistant, cold-resistant, and completely sealed, the best transparent wide-mouth glass bottle, to ensure that the bottle is water-free, no oil, no smell; 4, the more sugar added to the jam, the longest shelf life. Considering preservation and flavor, the ratio of fruit to sugar is about 2:1. But the peaches bought this time are sweeter, so I put less sugar; 5, the jam should be refrigerated for half a day to 1 day before the gel is completely gelled. Therefore, do not thicken the pot when cooking. It was eaten this morning. It’s super delicious when you eat it.

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