Recipe: Peace of mind

Home Cooking Recipe: Peace of mind



  1. The yeast is melted with warm water, poured into the powder mixed with sugar and flour, gradually added with water to form a smooth dough, covered with plastic wrap, fermented in the freezer of the refrigerator for one night to twice as large, and can also be directly surfaced and fermented in a warm place. Up to twice as large

  2. Take out the dough the next morning and warm it back a little.

  3. Open the alkali and salt with a little warm water, and pour it into the surface a little.

  4. Wake up the dough for 20 minutes

  5. Apply oil on the operation panel, place the dough on the panel, and grow a rectangle of 30 cm, 15 cm wide and 0.5 cm thick.

  6. Cut into 3 cm strips and apply a thin oil on the surface.

  7. The surface of the smeared oil is opposite, the two noodles are superimposed, and the chopsticks are pressed hard.

  8. Heat the oil in the pan, pick up the noodles and twist them a little. Put them in a frying pan until the surface is golden.


1. When frying, try to put the small dough into the pot and quickly raise the temperature of the expansion oil. 2, alkaline brine can not be poured at once, to be added in batches

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